Best Way to Write a Resume with Chat GPT

Writing an effective resume is key to landing your dream job. With artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT now available, you have a new way to create a stellar resume that will catch a hiring manager’s attention. In this approximately 2000 word article, we’ll explore the best practices for utilizing ChatGPT to write a resume that highlights your skills and experiences.

The Basis of an Effective Resume

Before diving into specifics on using ChatGPT for resume writing, let’s review the basic framework of an effective resume. Your resume should include the following key sections:

  • Header: This includes your name and contact information. Make sure it stands out clearly at the very top.
  • Professional Summary: A 2-4 sentence “elevator pitch” highlighting your biggest accomplishments and areas of expertise.
  • Skills/Core Competencies: A concise list of 6-8 key skills relevant to the target job. These should be backed up with evidence in the experience section.
  • Work Experience: Detailed descriptions of your employment history showcasing transferrable skills and achievements. List in reverse chronological order.
  • Education: Schools attended, degrees earned, relevant coursework completed. Include GPA if above 3.5.
  • Other Categories: Additional sections like Certifications, Languages, Volunteer Work, Awards etc. if relevant.

Your resume should demonstrate how your background lines up with and adds value to the job/company you’re applying to. Now let’s look at how ChatGPT can help optimize each section.

Leveraging ChatGPT to Craft an Exceptional Resume

Header & Contact Info

Start by asking ChatGPT to generate a header with your name, email address, phone number, city/state, LinkedIn URL, and any other preferred contact details. Keep the formatting consistent and professional.

For example:

“Please create a resume header for me with the following details:

Name: John Smith Email: Phone: 555-1234
Location: Boston, MA LinkedIn:

Make sure to format it consistently with a professional style.”

ChatGPT would then generate a header like:

John Smith Boston, MA | 555-1234 | |

This provides a clean consistent header with all key contact details that stands out at the very top of the resume. You can then build off this for the following resume sections.

Professional Summary

The professional summary is one of the most critical parts of your resume. Utilize ChatGPT to craft a customized pitch highlighting your biggest accomplishments and credentials relevant to the target job.

You can prompt ChatGPT by asking for a professional summary tailored to a specific job title and industry. For example:

“Please write an impressive professional summary for a Project Manager resume targeting construction industry jobs.”

Refine the summary statement by asking follow-up questions and requesting different versions focused on your top skills and achievements. Aim for 3-5 concise, impactful sentences.

Skills/Core Competencies

Choose 6-8 key abilities essential for excelling in the desired role. Ask ChatGPT to recommend impactful skills to include based on the target job description. You can also request alternatives to make the list fully reflect your expertise.

For instance:

“Suggest 6 key skills and competencies I should highlight for a social media manager role at an advertising agency.”

Curate additional suggestions from ChatGPT to showcase niche or industry-specific competencies. The final list should be consistent and scannable for recruiters.

Work Experience & Achievements

ChatGPT can help you amplify your professional experiences by identifying transferable accomplishments tailored to the industry and job you’re pursuing.

For each relevant position:

  • Ask ChatGPT to generate 2-4 concise achievement statements demonstrating vital skills needed for the target role.
  • Refine any corporate jargon or overstated claims. Aim for clear, quantifiable examples.
  • Supplement with any measurable wins ChatGPT may have missed.

This showcases the specific business impact you’ve already produced in previous jobs.


Provide ChatGPT with your academic credentials—degrees, majors, honors, course highlights, and institutions attended. Ask for help formatting an education section tailored to the target industry and company culture.

For example:

“I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Please write an education section that will appeal to a start-up software company seeking new developers.”

ChatGPT can determine the most relevant details and accomplishments to showcase from your academic background. Just ensure it aligns with and supports your overall application.

Other Resume Sections

For any additional resume categories, utilize ChatGPT’s generative skills to spotlight other credentials.

Relevant examples include:

  • Certifications & Licenses
  • Awards & Honors
  • Relevant Volunteer Work or Leadership Activities
  • Languages & International Experience
  • Relevant Coursework, Trainings or Conferences

Ask ChatGPT to select top achievements from your background that a hiring manager would find valuable for the target job. This highlights well-rounded talents beyond your core work experience.

Review & Refine Resume Draft

Once ChatGPT produces your full resume draft, carefully review each section yourself for accuracy. Make any revisions to ensure consistency.

Next, request ChatGPT’s feedback to further refine and polish your resume:


“Please review my resume draft for a retail store manager role and suggest any improvements.”

“Does this summary effectively showcase my executive leadership accomplishments?”

Implement any fine-tuning suggestions from ChatGPT to perfect your resume. The final version should be error-free and ready for submission!

Key Takeaways

ChatGPT is an incredibly useful aid for crafting superior, high-impact resumes. Its AI capabilities allow you to:

  • Instantly generate professional summary statements customized to any target job by industry and title
  • Produce curated lists of relevant skills and quantifiable achievements tailored to positions
  • Optimize formatting and details to align with company values and culture
  • Accentuate additional credentials like awards, certifications and education
  • Get constructive feedback to further improve initial resume drafts

Leveraging ChatGPT’s input creates next-level, personalized resumes that get you noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. With some thoughtful human guidance, it can help any job applicant unlock their most competitive application possible. Stand out from the stack!

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